Walking for Softies

Anglesey Short Walks – Self-Guided Tour.

Ynys Seiriol - Puffin Island with Llandudno in background.

Trwyn Du – Penmon Point South Anglesey

Our unique Walking for Softies packages are proving very popular. They are ideal walking tours if you are a novice or prefer shorter distances.

Walk at your own pace

The Walking for Softies packages are suitable for the experienced walker who prefers a shorter, more relaxing walk. Length of daily walks allow plenty of time to stand and stare at Anglesey’s spectacular coastline and numerous historical sites.

Take everything in its stride, stop in lovely beauty spots for lunch and maybe treat yourself to a nice afternoon tea at the end of the walk.

Walking for Softies walking packages

There are two packages to choose from.  One is based in the south of the island and the second package based on the east coast.

For both packages, we will try to located you in one accommodation for the duration on a bed and breakfast basis, with an option of an evening meal on site.

The South Anglesey package consists of 4 easy walks.

The East Coast Walking for Softies packages has 2 moderate walking days, and 1 fairly strenuous walk on the last day.

Novices might prefer to start with the South Coast package, therefore gaining confidence to book the East Coast on a second visit.

Walking for Softies   (based in South Anglesey) 4 nights, 4 days walking.

Walking for Softies (based on the East Coast of Anglesey) 4 nights, 3 days walking.


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